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Fertilization and related services
We offer 2 lawn fertilization programs shown below as well as plant and shrub fertiliztion.. We can also customize a plan to meet your lawns specific needs and your budget. We also carry a line of organic fertilizer products.
Lawn Plan #1 - Basic Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control
-Granular weed control combined w/lawn fertilizer (weed and feed) - spring
-Fall fertilizer - fall
Lawn Plan #2 - Full Service Lawn Fertilization and Lawn Renovation
-Crab grass control (can be combined with fertilizer) - early spring
- weed control combined w/lawn fertilizer (weed and feed) - spring
-Grub/Insect control - Summer
- Core lawn AERTION - fall
-full lawn grass overseeding - fall
-Fall fertilzer - fall
-lawn lime applcation - fall
- spot spray liquid weed control - anytime
Plant and Shrub Fertilization
- Bi- Annual fertilization of select shrubbery and plants to promote healthy growth
Detailed explanation and benefits of each above service:
Crab grass control (can be combined with fertilizer) - early spring
Help control crab grass before it starts by preventing it from growing
Granular form weed control combined w/fertilizer (weed and feed) - spring
helps to kill broadleaf weeds like clover, dandelions and much more while fertilizing the lawn to help it grow stong with a lush green color
Grub/Insect control - Summer
Helps cotrol and kill insects like grubs which look like tiny white worms with arms - - Grubs live under the surface of the lawn, in the soil, and eat the grass roots and it left alone, they can damage and kill large portions of your lawn before you know it
 Core lawn AERTION - fall
Aprocess of pulling 1-4" plugs, with a special aeration machine, from the entire lawn. This process is the most important process to promote a thick healthy lawn. This region of the country has a clay like, compacted soil. By pulling these plugs, it reduces the soil compaction which better allows grass roots to extend and grow healthy. Additionally, pulling the plugs leaves hole in the lawn which allow air, water, nutrients, seed, fertilizer, etc. to get deep into the soil and help work there way directly to the grass roots where they are most beneficial. Additionally, when aeration is done with grss over-seeding, the lawn will become thicker and help to crown out weeds by not allowing them the space to grow. Lastly, the plugs are left on the lawns surface to break down and decompose over the next few weeks and then wash onto the holes with a few rain storms. As they decompose, they help to protect the lawn and the new seed as it germinates. This process is the single most important process for a thick, healthy lawn.
full lawn grass overseeding - fall
by spreading seed over the entire lawn, over-seeding will help to thicken up and maintain an existing lawn. The thicker the lawn is with new grass seed the less room is left for weeds to grow; essentially, weeds are crowded out over time.
Fall fertilzer - fall
Fall fertilizer is a special fertilzer that is designed to help the roots of the grass grow stong to survive a harsh cold winter so in the spring your lawn will be the first green growing lawn on the block. Additionally, fall fertilizer has the correct components to help stimulate the growth of new grass seed roots when applied with grass overseeding.
lawn lime applcation - fall
Lawn lime is a limestone product that will basically help your fertilizers work better by adjusting your soils natural ph levels. In turn, your grass will grow stonger and greener with the correct ph level in your soil.
spot spray liquid weed control - anytime
Spot spraying weeds in the lawn with a liquid weed killer is one of the most effective forms of weed control/killer. It will quickly attack weeds when sprayed directly on them. This is a great addition to your weed normal granular weed killer and fertilzer (weed and feed) application.
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